Welcome to the TentPlanner Tool

Welcome to the TentPlanner tool. We have partnered with TentPlanner.co.uk to provide you with a tool to let you design your own event layout allowing you to select the size of structure you would like and how much furniture you can fit in. If you want to check if your structure will fit into your space, it can be placed directly onto a Google Maps image of your location.

Here are a few quick notes to assist. A full tutorial is available to view when you press the ‘Start Designing Now’ button.

Choose your tent structure and if you want to see if it will fit into the space you have, press on the – sign in the bottom left-hand corner until the postcode prompt comes up. You can zoom in and out of Google Maps using + and – keys in the bottom left-hand corner.

Adding furniture is easily done by selecting the item and dragging it onto the layout plan where you want it.

When you are happy with your design layout, simply complete the contact form and send to us so we can provide you with a quotation.

Considered Event Insurance?

No matter how carefully you plan an event, something unexpected could always happen. Countes Marquees recommends Marquee Insurance for event insurance as they have a wealth of knowledge and can offer the best advice on how to insure some of those unforeseen mishaps. Click here to get a quote or visit marqueeinsurance.co.uk for more information.

Cancellation cover (incl. cancellation due to adverse weather)

You can either cover your event costs or if relevant the revenue from the event. The eventualities which can be insured will depend on the type and details of the event, and can include; cancellation due to adverse weather, death or illness of a person on which the event depends and the unavailability of the venue due to fire or flood.

Public liability

This protects you against your legal liability in case of 3rd party property damage or injury due to your negligence. For example, if a guest slips on a spilt drink on a dance floor and breaks their ankle. The injured guest might hold you responsible on the grounds that you failed to prevent the accident from happening.

Employee liability

This protects you against your legal liability in case of injury due to your employees. An employee is anyone that is working for you whether or not you pay them, so a volunteer is an employee.

Hired in or owned equipment

This is cover on your own or hired in event equipment such as marquees, and associated equipment such as dance floors, furniture, and mobile toilets, etc. As standard this includes cover for theft, flood, storm, fire, malicious damage and accidental damage. Cover may be subject to agreed security levels and reasonable care having been taken. Most claims result from theft, malicious damage and storm damage following high winds which haven’t been forecast. In order for us to arrange cover you will need to find out the value of the equipment.