Terms of use

1.   The following definitions apply to these terms:

a. ‘We / Us’ means TentPlanner Ltd

b. ‘You’ means any person using the TentPlanner tool

c. ‘Hire Company’ means a company that we submit your plan to

2.   TentPlanner is provided on a “best endeavours” basis, rather than being a guaranteed service, solution or product. TentPlanner is built as a guidance tool only, and therefore We accept no liability for any damages or consequential loss resulting from any failures, inaccuracies, errors or omissions. We also shall not be held responsible for any damages or consequential loss resulting from a Hire Company being unable to fulfil your desired event plan.

3.   Once You have finished designing the layout of your event, You can choose to fill in your contact details and press send. By pressing send, You are giving Us explicit consent to pass on your personal data to a Hire Company whom we believe may be appropriate to provide You with a quotation based on your design and equipment needs. We hope that the Hire Company we select will contact you directly to provide a quotation, however we are not in control of this. If You are not happy for your details to be passed on to a Hire Company then please do not click submit.

4.   Once We have passed your event plan to a Hire Company, We have no control nor shall be held responsible if the Hire Company fail to provide a quotation in a timely manner or contact You.

5.   Whilst We believe TentPlanner should work when accessed from a variety of Internet browsers and viewed on a variety of screen sizes, it may not work satisfactorily on all internet browsers, screens and devices. It has not been optimised to work on mobile devices and some functionality and usability is compromised on small screens.

6.   The tool is designed to provide the functionality for You to position your selected equipment on a Google Maps background. The background images are provided by Google Maps and the accuracy and scale are therefore not within Our control. The position of the structure is to be used as an indication to the Hire Company only because it does not take into account factors that could affect the Hire Company’s ability to fulfil the desired event plan, such as underground and overhead services, topography of the ground and suitability of the location. Furthermore, the image may be dated and the site may have subsequently changed.

8.   We cannot be held responsible for any technical issues with the provision of TentPlanner. If We become aware of technical problems affecting TentPlanner, We will endeavour to resolve them as soon as We can and ask You kindly to visit the tool at a later date. If You become aware of any technical issues, please notify Us either by emailing us at info@tentplanner.co.uk or by phoning 01962 774421.

9.   We reserve the right to amend our Terms of Business when necessary. By using our website you accept the current Terms of Business.