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Become a TentPlanner partner

Becoming a Tent Planner partner has many advantages. You will be able to:

  • Have your own TentPlanner tool
  • Show only the equipment you can provide
  • Let your clients design the layout for their event
  • Email the design directly to you for a quotation
What is TentPlanner?

TentPlanner is an interactive tool that enables event organisers to design their events in your tents.  The tool is bespoke to you so will contain equipment that you can provide. This means that when an event organiser designs their event, you know you can quote for it.

How does it work?

As a TentPlanner supplier, we set you up with your own branded web page which contains the TentPlanner tool. You then send us a list of all of the equipment you can provide along with their sizes so that we can build them to scale to use within the TentPlanner tool.

You can then provide the design service to your prospective clients on a complimentary basis by directing them to your TentPlanner page.

Within the tool your clients can select the type of structure and the size they would like, and then design the layout of their event using your available equipment. They can choose from furniture such as tables, chairs, dance floors, bars and even toilets. As they add items they are given a total seat count so they are able to see how many guests they have seated.

Once completed they can position their tent at their event location using our Aerial Visualiser which links to Google maps, by entering the postcode of their event.

Google postcode search

Once they have finished designing their event, they fill in their contact details and press Send.This emails a copy of their plan along with equipment list to you to quote on listing the following details:

  • Equipment selected
  • Event layout
  • Event date
  • Event postcode
  • Contact details
TentPlanner can generate leads…

When an event organiser finds TentPlanner via a seach engine and uses it to design their event, we can send their event plan to you to quote on if you are their closet supplier.

and be used internally…

Alternatively you could just use TentPlanner internally and design events with/or for your clients. You could use the tool as an indicative site plan and using the Google Earth tool provide a birds eye view of the tent at the event location. All you need is an internet connection and you could even do this whilst out visiting the site!

You choose what equipment is displayed in your tool depending if you want to use it internally or let your clients design online.

Click on the link if you would like to have a look at our TentPlanner tool and try designing a layout with our partner ‘Example Marquees’

Become a partner

If you would like to find out more about our TentPlanner tool or become a partner, please fill-in and submit the form below.