Partner Terms of use

1.The following definitions apply to these terms:

‘We / Us’ means TentPlanner Ltd

‘You’ means the TentPlanner partner operating a customised TentPlanner Tool

‘User(s)’ means the people visiting your TentPlanner pages and using your customised TentPlanner application

2. TentPlanner is provided on a “best endeavours” basis, rather than being a guaranteed service, solution or product. TentPlanner is built as a guidance tool only, and therefore We accept no liability for any damages or consequential loss resulting from any failures, inaccuracies, errors or omissions. You should check the plans and equipment lists produced with the User’s requirements before using the information for quoting or the supply of equipment. We shall not be held responsible for any damages or consequential loss resulting from You being unable or unwilling to supply equipment.

3. Whilst We believe TentPlanner should work when accessed from a variety of internet browsers and viewed on a variety of screen sizes, it may not work satisfactorily on all internet browsers, screens and devices. It has not been optimised to work on mobile devices and some functionality and usability is compromised on small screens.

4. The tool is designed to provide the functionality for a User to position equipment on a Google Maps background. The background images are provided by Google Maps and the accuracy and scale are therefore not within our control. Google images use the Mercator projection of the earth, which makes objects appear larger the further away from the equator they are. We have set the sizing to be correct for the midlands, so further south structures will appear slightly oversized and further north they will appear slightly undersized. You should therefore not rely on the tool for correct scaling of items against the google background. We are aware that Google could change the service they offer or their mapping at any time and without notice, which might stop TentPlanner working, and You shall indemnify us against any liability resulting.

5. The position of the structure on the Google Maps background should only be used as an indication because it does not take into account factors such as underground and overhead services, topography of the ground, suitability of the location, soil conditions, drainage and accessibility. Furthermore, the image may be dated and the site may have subsequently changed.

6. The descriptions of some structures include a “maximum seated” number. These numbers are designed as a guide only, and these numbers are subjective.

7. We cannot be held responsible for any technical issues with the provision of TentPlanner. If You become aware of any technical issues, then You should notify Us as soon as possible. If the technical problems are significant and You have paid a subscription fee then We will rebate the pro rata proportion of the fee relating to the time from when the technical issue was first reported until the time when it has been fully resolved.

8. We reserve the right to discontinue TentPlanner and/or prevent access to your TentPlanner pages at any time. If this is part way through a subscription period where a subscription fee has been agreed and paid in advance, then We shall calculate the unused proportion of the period on a pro rata basis and refund this proportion.

9. Please check our Privacy Notice to see how personal information may be used.

10. We reserve the right to amend our Terms of Business if and when necessary.